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Marian Mayer | Owner

Marian Mayer | Owner

With a degree in Business Management and Information Systems, Marian has a strong background in business, finance, software, customer service and landscape services. This company was formed after two years of working part time in the landscaping industry, while still working full time as Director for a software company. Marian has strong conviction in the equality, respect and dignity of each person, placing trust and responsibility in the hands of each person involved in our projects. With the belief that ownership and pride in each job helps not only the company, but also each individual on a personal level, Marian strives to build and maintain a company founded on solid principles. Marian is responsible for daily operations, sales, marketing, accounting and customer service.

Charles Rice

Charles Rice | Owner

Born and raised in the Austin area, Charles Rice has been immersed in the construction industry since childhood. In his 20’s, he apprenticed under a concrete contractor before starting his own concrete and masonry business. Charles began subcontracting work for Waterloo Landscape and Design in 2012. By 2016, Charles and Marian recognized a valuable partnership and decided to join as a team. He makes sure that the job gets done right the first time, and that the journey is as pleasant as possible for each and every client. As a family man, Charles has a passion for camping, boating and the outdoors. You might actually catch him on the golf course when he gets the chance!

Christina Hausle - Landscape Designer

Megan Elwood | Landscape Designer

Specializing in Texas natives, succulents and drought tolerant plants, Megan Elwood is a Landscape Designer who studied horticulture at Texas A&M University in Corpus Christi and Saddleback College in Mission Viejo, California. Megan has worked in the green industry in a variety of settings including nurseries, irrigation and landscape design firms. She has an eye for pottery design, xeriscaping, and backyard and patio design. Megan is dedicated to exceeding her clients expectations. Her extensive knowledge in plant and landscape design will have you feeling at ease every step of the way.

Holly Delmoico-Rojas

Holly Delmonico-Rojas | Administrative Director

Holly is a native Houstonian whose love of art and plants make working at a Waterloo Landscape and Design a joy. Her Bachelor’s is in history, english and women’s studies and comes from the University of Houston, where she was a Research Assistant to Dr. Patricia Younge. She enjoys working in her community vegetable garden at Mandel Park, experimenting with watercolor paint or needlework and attending her book club meetings. Working remotely from Houston enables her to spend a great deal of time with her toddler who happens to be a real cutie.