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Residential and Commercial Landscaping Services For Austin Residents

We work with homeowners in many different ways. Whether you are looking for a seasonal cleanup, enhancing a current look or would like an overall landscaping facelift, we can help you! We work as a team to design, build and install the plan that fits you. The key to a job well done is listening and communicating effectively with each and every person involved in the planning process. This is a very important component to our business model and has helped us to maintain strong relationships within the community.

Commercial Landscaping Design

From businesses to schools, churches, apartments and high rises, we’ve worked with local organizations to create amazing living and working spaces. We know and understand the importance of working well with other contractors, as many times there are multiple projects going on. We have a professional crew with proper training, safety protocols and management supervision. As always, it is our goal to work effectively and efficiently to stay within budget and meet the deadline!

Rainwater Collection

With the growing population in Austin and impending drought issues, more and more people are turning to rainwater collection methods to harvest water for a multitude of purposes. We’ve designed and installed simple plans as well as more complex designs, such as the UT dormitory rainwater collections. You can see these beautiful giants at the Jester and Kinsolving dorms; both are designed using solar power to pump rainwater collected in 8,000-gallon tanks through a drip irrigation system that waters the student-planted herb gardens. The herbs are used in the dorm kitchens, providing a self-sustaining, eco-friendly approach to gardening for the masses!

Permeable Hardscape: stones, pavers

Outdoor Kitchen Design

For those who really love the outdoors but like to cook as well, we bring all of the amenities of inside, outside! Entertaining family and friends is a high priority when it comes to functional landscaping and we’ve got the skill and expertise to help you create your own outdoor living space. Outdoor grills, bars, refrigerators and sinks allow you to entertain and enjoy your backyard with the comfort and luxury of hot food and cold beverages right on hand.

Irrigation Plans

All plants need water. To ensure long-term survival and maximum enjoyment of your installation, we can help you to design and install an irrigation system that is customized to your needs. There are many options for materials and even water sources. Rainwater collection is gaining popularity, creating a sustainable and cost effective method of watering in our climate. Whether we design and install a system for you or simply modify your existing system, we are always available for upkeep and repairs!

Custom Garden Design

Custom Garden Design

Have you always dreamed of having an English Garden? Or do you prefer a lush, tropical look around your pool, right in the heart of Texas? We can help guide you through ways to use native and adapted plants to get just the look you’re after. Our experience and expertise relies on a complex plant pallet that has been honed over time to ensure the right placement and arrangement. All designs are sent electronically and are yours to keep for future reference and planning. Call us anytime to schedule a consultation.

Landscape Lighting

Landscape lighting turns your design into a nighttime panorama of shapes and shadows, displaying angles and lines that can be truly amazing! Light up the night and show off your property with strategically placed and properly lit landscape lights and torches. Not only will your friends and neighbors enjoy this view with you, you will be providing an element of safety around your property. Nothing dispels unwanted guests like a well-lit area; landscape lighting un-hides those dark walkways and spaces. Be sure to consider lighting for your design during the planning phase!

Landscape Lighting
Outdoor Kitchen Design

Decks, Patios and Verandas

Custom wood, brick or composite patios and decks can transform the look and functionality of any property. Whether adding curb appeal or providing a backyard lounge, the possibilities of styles and materials are virtually limitless. While exciting and intriguing, so many options and variables can be somewhat intimidating. Here again is where we can help you consider various options and ideas to find the right fit for you.

Driveways, Walkways & Pathways

While pouring concrete for driveways, walkways and pathways has been the standard for decades, a popular landscape design is gaining attention – Permeable Hardscapes. These types of pavers and pavements allow water to drain through them, rather than off of them. This is very helpful in addressing drainage issues that many properties have. No one wants pools of standing water, water against the house, or even water running to the neighbor’s house in a way that could cause damage to someone else’s house. Permeable hardscape materials also help reduce runoff and even improve water quality by acting as an initial filter. Ask us about these materials for your project planning!

Fire pit Design